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The census 2011-2013

The production and area under production in dachinipora zone for the years 2011-2013 is as under
Production. 2011-13
Block. Dry fruit MT Fresh ft MT
– Year. Year. Year. Year
——————————————————– Block 012. 013. 012. 013
Bijbehara. 937 1629 14696 43388
Dachpr 1474 7087 20713 22463
Sallar. 1338. 4540 9724 10385
Area under production 2011-13
Block Year. Year. Year. Year
012. 013. 012. 013
Bijbehara. 625 625 1837 1845
Dachpr 982_1089 2589 2520
Sallar. 892- 854 1212-1202
The data has been compiled by the Chief Horticulture officer,Anantnag as per the request of Assistant grading and marketing officer,Horticulture planning and marketing, J&K government, Dachinipora Zone,Anantnag.
We have calculated 12944 MT of fresh fruit which comes out 12944000 Kg s and when we turn them into quintals we get the end result of 129440 quintals of dry fruit after excluding minor #uantity of 312 MT of almond.
Now if we configure them into shelled and kernels we get 32360 quintals of walnut shells (25%) and leave behind 75% which is to be converted into kernels from 97080 quintals of walnut.

From 97080 quintals of walnut we get 3883200 kgs of kernells and when converted into quintals we are left with 38832 quintals of Kernels.

So for 2013 we have 32360 quintals of walnuts and 38832 quintals of kernels.
Khan Mukhtar

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Jammu and Kashmir state with rich source of agriculture has all along been the source of resources for employment and other ways of livelihood for the populace.

But of late the conversion of agriculture land into something which is not related with this activity has created lot of problems.

When we draw a portrate of agriculture in Jammu and Kashmir we get a dismal presentation and picture is gloomy.

Th economy of the state is largely agrarian with 70% of population defendant on it and about 49% of the working population engaged in it.

The food grain production of India during the year 2010-2011 is 24156 thousand tones while it is only 137.15 thousand tones for J&K reflecting a low share of .06 per cent. Here demand is high and locals have to depend on imports which comes about Rs 1600 crores to fill the deficit gape of 5 lakh metric tones.

The net irrigated area during the year 1981-82 was 3.04 lakh hecters and it went upto 3.71 lakh hecters in 2008-09 reflecting marginal increase during the last 3 decades.

The state fails to qualify for national food security mission(NFSM).

One more field which is showing some promising results is horticulture which accounts only for 13% of the net sqwn area but contributes 45% of the states agriculture GDP. Six lakh families comprising of 30 lakh people are directly or indirectly involved in horticulture.

The rich source of income can be obtained by way of foreign exchange the state has earned by way of exports to different parts of the country.
During the year 2005-06 the quantity of fruits exports was estimated at 5552.45 Mts with foreign exchange of Rs 115.95 crores while during the year 2010-11 the quantity of fruit exported is estimated to be 9615.55 and foreign exchange earned as Rs. 208.4 croes .

During the year 2004-05 the. Percentage change over the year 2010-11 reveals that there was increase of about 73% on account of quantity exported and about 80% increase in terms of foreign exchange.

The total production of apple in India is estimated at 2891 thousand Mts which comprises 1852.41 thousand Mts from J&K reflecting a major share of about 64%.

Further in the state the percentage change for the year 2010-11 over the year 2004-05 reveals that there has been significant change of about 37% in terms of area and 65% change in respect to production however the productivity has only an increase of 17% during this period.

France leads the table with an average productivity of about 43mt/ha followed by Italy with 38mt/ha brazil 33mt/ha USA wit 33mt/ha. The average productivity of apple in world has been estimated at about 15mt/ha however the average productivity of apple in J&K continues to be a great concern with about 10mt/ha.

The Kashmiri saffron is one more casualty in Kashmir because it got a step motherly treatment from the corridors of power and cultivated land got diversified into highways and residential colonies..

The saffron being the costliest spice of the world but in Kashmir it has got a special status as it is attached with the very ethos of the people.

The percentage change for the year 2009 over 1097 is terrible and shocking.
The data available from the state financial commissioner,srinagar reveals that the area has gone down to 31% while the production level has reduced to 47% and even productivity has declined to about 23% during this period.
The contribution of saffron in terms of gross state domestic product(GSDP) during the year 2004-05 was recorded at .025% while it is 0.013% for the year 2009-10 indicating its gradual slump.

Spain has the highest productivity levels of more than 8 kg/hectare followed by Italy with 7.5 kg/hectare while it is only 2.15 kg/hectare in our state(acta horti-739,2007)while as in Iran we have 4 kg/hectare of production. Against the world productivity of almost 4.80 kg/hectare our productivity level stands only half of it.

The apex organization in state like SKUAST(K) and central institute of temperate horticulture(CITH) have made commendable job through research development however there is a vast scope for further improvement to increase the production and productivity trends particularly in case of Apple and safron.

Strong measure need to be taken for further exploration of high yielding varieties,production of high quality planting material,canopy management,high density plantation,rejuvination technology and water harvesting. RKVY can change the very fate of agriculture scenario provided strong research and extension efforts are required.

Equal emphases needs to be given to crop husbandry as food security and diversification are indispensable in nature. Technologies developed through front line demonstration(FLDs) and on farm-trails(OFTs) needs to be disseminated through main extension system for the benefit of farmers at large to change the outlook of the farming community from traditional agriculture to diversified agriculture.

We need to undertake a pack of steps that can change it for better.

Khan Mukhtar

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kashmir The story of control.

The Kashmir,s torture trail,a documentary on Kashmir by the acclaimed BAFTA- winning film maker Mr Jezza Neumann was recently aired on channel 4 in the UK.

The hard hitting documentary follows a human rights lawyer probing how protesters were driven off the streets and peace imposed in one of the most heavily militarised places on earth.

The documentary highlighted the systematic human rights abuses in Kashmir. Uncovering a state-sanctioned torture program that has set India on a collision course with the international community.

The film exposes and maps a network of government run torture centers through which as the documentary says, as many as one in three Kashmiris have been hauled.

Filming as undercover in the valley is the reason as why Kashmir has remained one of the most under-reported conflicts on earth and there has always been attempts by a section of mainstream India media to discredit and sabotage any step in this direction to reach the voice of Kashmir to outside the world forums.

During the last 60 years whatever has happened in Kashmir has never been allowed to travel outside the valley lest the true face of Indian democracy may be seen by the outside inhabitants.

The voice the miserable conditions and the fate of inhabitants have always remained a mystery for all living outside as notion has always been created that everything is normal in Kashmir.

The unmarked graves the mysterious disappearances of innocent youths and the draconian laws have made the life of Kashmir a hell and whoever tried to raise voice is labeled as terrorist and killed in fake encounters.

The Indian security system has taken every inhuman steps to crush the voice of miserable people under the guise of law and order problems.
They can pickup anybody and keep him in confinement without trial under AFSPA(Armed forces special power act) for years together.

There are instances if illegal confinements throughout length and breadth of the state and fake encounters have became a routine matter.

The fake encounters have now turned into a industry because security forces use it as a tool to get promotions and monetary benefits from the government of India under the mission : fight against terrorism;.

Skies are watching and time will come when pot will get full up to brim by the tears of innocent Kashmiris and heavens will ultimately come to our rescue as we have none elsewhere to protect.

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The jaleel Andrabi Case

During the year 1996 human rights activist and a member of amnesty international was picked up by the Rashtriya rifles regiment under the command of Major Avtar but his body was found floating in the jhelum river a few days later after his arrest.

The main person responsible was non other than Major Avtar singh and it was even established by the local police.

The major in connivance with home ministry of India disappeared from Kashmir and was smuggled out of country to avoid rule of law.

The innocent soul of Jaleel Andrabi was bruised just few days later when he had returned from Geneva where he had addressed a UN session about human rights violations by India in Kashmir.

On the evening of March 8, 1996 Andrabi was driving home with his wife when he was stopped and taken away by army personnel who were apparently waiting for him.

Twenty days later police asked Andrabi,s younger brother to identify a body recovered from a jute sack in the jhelum river.. It was Andrabi, his hands tied behind his back,his eyes gouged out.

The special investigation team formed to investigate the case_ at the order of high court in Kashmir reported that everything pointed to Major Avtar singh of 25 Rashtriya Rifles unit as the person who had committed the murder. It was also found that in order to eliminate the trail,singh had murdered four Kashmiri counter insurgents who had witnessed the killing.

The home ministry and external affairs ministry played a active role to save singh just to avoid setting a precedent for Indian soldier accused of human rights violations to appear before the law.

There was inter pol alert for singh but he was never deported from the hiding- Selma ,California, USA.

The story to catch singh alive failed as on Saturday,9th,June 2012, the killer of Andrabi got killed his family of 4 including his wife and at the end of the bloody game killed himself. End of a Murderer.

Justice is still alluding an as the family members of Andrabi have an firm belief that Singh was not alone involved but the other people who master minded it are roaming free.

The Americans are pestering other countries to deport the people who have committed crimes back home but Safe passage of Avtar Singh in American speaks duel policy. He has been living a decent life and carrying his trucking business under the watchful eyes of over active American law enforcing agencies who catch anybody having Khan as surname.

It means that Americans were doing it to appease India who had smuggled him into American safe heavens after committing crimes in neglected land of Kashmir.

Let us wait for the real justice.

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I am surprised as where was the conscience of political leaders when they appointed simple clerks on high posts without bothering to care for qualified and unemployed youth.
Their henchmen are now full throttle on roads and posing as well wishers of youth,trumpeting everything as if their masters have been residents of accountability regime
The youth wing of opposition party of #NC are living in fools paradise and want to create chaos among the youth by virtue of boarding the bus which has no driver to drive nor versed well to drive the bus but they simply want to keep the vehicle halted on road and traffic jam the healthy movement of life.
If we count the wrongs done by their masters during their rule,they will shame away,(if they have any humanity) since Kashmir was ruled by them off and on .
Just to vent the tip of the iceberg it would suffice to unmask them by collecting the favouritism they boosted all the time whenever they were in ruling chair.
One clerk with senior leader Mr.M.S.Urri was appointed on district level officer and kept at Secretariat for 6 years and later parent department was informed.He however retired as Joint Director (My. BANDAY)
Where was their conscience when again a personal assistant of one more minister was posted as Asst Director Handloom and before completion of term inducted him into #KAS ,he is currently senior #IAS officer and holding high office ,why did not youth came to their mind then.
One gets puzzled as how duel policy is being preached to score political points by raising and raking issues which have no feet to stand on.
If they were so concerned with the welfare of youth how without any merit one #Ayurvedic junior level doctor was appointed as director #ISM.when the doctor started flexing his muscles because of being raw,he committed mistakes and was suspended.In the meanwhile he was reinstated and again posted as #Director General ISM during 2014. Again the officer showed colors and in recruitment fraud of #Pharmacists and #Purchase of medicine #vigilance case was filed against him and govt ordered his attachments with #Secretariat.But the height of corruption did not stop here,he was again reinstated and this time also given reward by promoting him as Secretary to govt medical education (Technical).Besides this he was again given charge of #Director General ISM.He is currently holding the chair in #ISM.If this is not corruption then how can you afford to raise voice against any appointments made through recruiting agencies with proper procedure.
There are many more fraudulent appointments the ,#NC regime is known for but counting them will tax us all but their one senior leader adjusted her husband in protocol department and later posted him as trade agent Mumbai during 1998.He was later posted as ,#RTO Srinagar and even given extensions after superannuation as #RTO. But still we can find people appointed during 1984 but since they lack political patronage thus are stagnant at one place on the contrary one who got posted as Asst Director handloom during 1987 is right now senior IAS officer and many more cases are there where meritorious service was never rewarded.
Now naming them may be too personal and may expose them all, who deprived youth their right for which same party is crying foul now.
They first need to get cleaned to get qualified to raise such issues
Now they are using #Journalists to boost their cause but in the process they are dragging qualified youth who got selected through transparent and on merit.
A few days back when i talked to #GK reporter #Mr.Muddasir Ali to convey my point as how meritorious youth are used in their reporting to score #TRP or readership he was blunt to say that since people have raised this issue on #Facebook so i am constructing story on such bases without verification of facts.
Now let me see whether #Mr Muddasir Ali will again make a news in his paper since i have given him sufficient proof as how actually backdoor appointments have been the habit of ,#NC.

Walnut industry of Kashmir.

Due to sudden surge in imports of walnuts from California and Chile into the country,the Walnut rich state of jammu and Kashmir is getting a dent in the revenue generation from such crop.

The 800 crore industry is in deep crises with prices falling drastically courtesy negligence from administration which allow huge imports to flood domestic markets without keeping any tab on import duties on such imports which are eating out the domestic market.

The height of affair is that in spit of our walnuts being organic in nature,the inorganic imports are given preference whilst rest of the world is looking for organic foods.

It is also a fact that color and size is only added attraction with imported walnuts,rest taste and organic nature of Kashmiri walnut have no match in the world.

Last year high quality of walnut from Kashmir was sold @Rs1200 to 1500 per kilo of walnut Kernels in many cities of the country but this year the situation has worsened and had impacted the traders to the hilt by virtue of nose diving of rates.

During this year the rates have plummeted to Rs 700 to Rs 800 per kilo of walnut Kernels in the same markets of previous year.

Traders also rued that GST @5% has also added burden on the stakeholders of walnut industry which needs to be exempted for the for such industry.

If govt is keen to uplift the sagging fresh and dry fruit industry steps need to be taken to arrest the pattern of imports of Horticulture produce from foreign countries so that even if we are following free trade regime,we must put riders on imports so that domestic traders,growers do not get affected.

Life and its essence.

Life changes very fast so do changes the technology.But with change in technology the human values have taken a very deep dent which had changed the quality of quality life.

It seems machines are replacing humen and the quality life it bubbles with.

Just 10 years back we had STD booths to talk,big cameras to catch happy moments,Video players to watch favourite movie’s .

Now neither we have STD booths nor time to talk to dear one,s, cameras are obsolete nor we have tastes to frame family gathering as selfie,s have infected us,video players to watch movies have all together vanished so had quality of films as we hardly have any to watch them with full family .

We actually are at the verge of getting our quality life slipped and skipped from our domain and we oftentimes fall to justify our presence in this training temporary and finishing life,the earlier we wakeup the better it is.

Horticulture industry.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir needs to revamp its policies and put in place a horticulture policy so that industry gets teeth to face the challenges being thrown into the ring in the form of burgeoning imports.

The industry which is already impacted due to socioeconomic,geographic and political constraints needs a Midas touch so that it rebounds back.

High density plantations,development of dry ports and introduction of latest techniques in pre and post harvest phase can be a befitting alternative.

From last so many years substandard inputs have already played havoc in the industry and therefore system needs to be put in place so that spurious fertilizers and fungicides are stopped before they make roads into the state.

Establishment of Horticulture university and development of dry ports in the state are right decisions at right time since two ventures can be catchy for horticulture and Handicraft industry since shipments will be having a free flow outside the state unto consumers markets of world.

The horticulture industry contribute 8%towards GDP of state and amounts to Rs 8000crore towards state,s economy. The state produces 70% of national production in Apples,92%in walnut and 91% in Almond

High density plantation by converting 50% of traditional plantation is going to increase production within 25years to worth 50_60 thousand crore .

The total horticulture production has tremendously increased to 24.50.Lakh metric tones with coverage of 3.38 lakh hectare area in 2017-18 from mere 30000MTs with coverage of 16hectares land in 1960.

As per the census conducted there are 7.63crore fruit plants in the state.

I believe that once we are through in this world the hiccups we come across during contours of our life experiences can give us a lesson to face the judgment day.

The life after death is a fact of it and one who diverts his attention during  his lifetime to pass only those roads where ways and means are spread to secure one,s judgement day,is ultimately a blessed soul.

You can be conflict with your existence but the real funda of life lies in the fact to be peace with soul and body.

I have come across people who are adament in their aporoach of life that tantamount which means  to say   their worldky  affairs have nothing to do with tthe judgment day.

As a rule of life and as a pure Muslim,we have to live in this finishing world under the guidance of holly scripts of Quran and make our ultimate journey peaceful.

You have to live under the filthy materialistic pursuits in this temporary world but one who listens to his/her conscience in an approach to make his/her  end peaceful,will never get dyed under the colors of decit.

We need to get dawned with the basic concept of life which percolate to say that our   ultimate aim should be to make our external world eternal and peaceful.