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violence against women

What a hypocrisy and what a way of rising to the occasion by taking the recourse to the legal binding and fail to report real episode of violence against women.

Few days back a awareness study was conducted by vamawareness@gmail.com and requested public to mail articles on the violence against women in their areas or for that matter in any part of the world so that it is highlighted at the higher and appropriate forum.

I had myself posted a real life episode on the excesses on the women folk of Kunanposhpora of Kupwara district in Jammu and Kashmir State but the organizers of the forum instead of getting moved by the brute force on women and highlighting it through the proper channels took the recourse of legal strings and showed inability to print the real life atrocities-lest they may invite the wrath of culprits responsible for the same.

I had given a detailed information about the rape of 60 women(including children as young as 5 years) by the 4 Raj Rifles of 68 Brigade during the intervening night of feb 23 and 24,1991 through email to vamawareness@gmail.com a few days back but I was shocked by the reply; after consulting our legal experts we can,nt print this articles in absence of sufficient prof and in case you post it in the blog we may use the link and post it;.Is,nt a mockery and a tool for insensitivity for the grave issue.

In this case if the forum is really interested in getting know the details it can visit the home page of J&K State human rights commission,who have reopened the case after 20 years again to give justice to the residents.

The fate of the people from this area is tormented to such an extent that whole village has been cut off from the rest of the society for no fault of theirs and girls of marriage able age find it difficult to find matches.

We fail to understand why civil society and other forums can have this attitude to neglect this issue simply because the prof of atrocities are not available to them on plate and eye witnesses accounts are doubted.

The episode was spine chilling but the organizers showed no concern towards the victims and without verifying themselves the episode was consigned to dust bin lest they may face hostile administration but the dignity of women got compromised by this act.

During the intervening night of Feb 23/24,1991 the army sealed the borders of Kunanposhpora,Kupwara,Kashmir and men assembled in a big ground under the guise of presence of foreign mercenaries in their houses. The army of 4 Raj rifles of 68 brigade then entered the houses and raped the women present inside the homes. The vultures committed crime irrespective of age and victims were as young as 5 years and as old as 80 years.

The male member who gathered courage to protest were silenced and killed and women and little children had nobody to fend them.

Recently the. State human rights commission had opened the case afresh and directed the state govt to pay the compensation to the victims and book the culprits.

In this behalf the local police had already filed an FIR but nobody has been booked till date and culprits are roaming free looking for a chance to repeat the same.

As if this was not enough a twin rape and murder of two women in shopian district during the year 2008 had en gulped whole of Kashmir but in spite of CBI inquiry nobody was booked in this cold bloodied murder and rape of two women.

The http://www.greaterkashmir.com on 21/11 had come out with the details of Rape of 60 women in kupwara but Vanawareness@gmail.com still needs proof for this heinous crime and fall prey to the evil designs of the accused.

When will we grow above the worldly pleasures and material pursuits and take steps to secure the life,honor and dignity of our mothers,daughters and sisters from the preying eyes of vultures roaming free on the roads.

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khan Mukhtar

We are aging and we too age but our loved one,s never change with the change of time but treat us like they used to do previously.

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uncertain and adrift.

Interlocutors appointed by Govt. of India to locate the real problems of Kashmiris have left the Kashmir as they had found it- without suggesting anything tangible.
It was a horrible sight watching the senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan being ruthlessly beaten in his chambers.
Mr Bhushan had only reiterated his long held principles position on Kashmir that New Delhi should hold a referendum in the state and allow people of the state separate from the union if they so choice.
However the aim here is not to defend Bhushan of hail him as the hero for speaking his mind on Kashmir but relate his example-however far fetched this may appear to some- – to the interlocutors report on Kashmir.
Members of the team Anna distanced themselves from the Bhushan,s remarks. They described these as his personal and stuck to New delhi,s traditional stand ; Kashmir is India,s; Atoot Ang; and the debate ends here.
Hardliners in India resorting to violence against anyone who dares to talk about Kashmir is nothing new. Top separatists leaders including Chairman of both factions Sayeed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on many occasions have faced hostile crowds in many functions and seminars which were held in New Delhi and other states to discuss the real problems the people of Kashmir are facing from the last more than 60 years.
History stands testimony to the fact whenever New Delhi has started believing that ; all is well in valley ,Kashmir has erupted; and message is always same that why don’t she listens to the demands of the public and the promises made by late PM of India Mr Jawaharlal Nehru to the public on the occasion of conditional accession to India.
Let us hope a few more courageous people like Bhushan come forward and make people in India and aboard aware about the harsh realities of Kashmir. People who believe that they are doing a great service to the nation by muzzuling the saner voices being raised in favor of Kashmir are living in fools paradise.
If Kashmir conflict is left unaddressed it has got all the potential of turning into a major conflict and engulfing entire south Asia. Are we ready for this or should we raise our heads and hands to find a solution to this vexed issue called Kashmir.