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The leadership crisis in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Kashmir issue is a casualty of confusion of leadership.

Kashmir,s centrality to the Indo-Pak relations does,nt need any emphasis. The problem however is that how the critical issue of resolution of Kashmir crisis can be brought about and what role the Kashmiri leadership can play in pushing forward the dialogue between the two countries.

That apart what is equally important is that for which of the two countries the solution of Kashmir crisis is more important and why.

At the same time the people would need a convincing answer from the Kashmiri leadership why Kashmir should not have its own solution to which both India and Pakistan can agree.

I will start with the bottom of the pyramid. The peaceful summer of 2011 is an achievement. It is for the first time since 1990 that this kind of peace has been experienced by the people in the valley, when they have more than half a million tourists and almost equal number of Amar-nath pilgrims. But there is no single individual or a party or agency that should be claiming the credit for it,these were essentially the people and people alone who rebuffed the pro vocations or trouble.

Kashmir has a history of rough road ahead after few movements of smooth ride.

A lot of Kashmiri leadership is there and by being the native of Kashmir they have the right to claim that they are the leaders of Kashmir. This is true of everyone,right from the impeccable hardliner Sayeed Ali Shah Geelani to the globe trotting Mirwaiz Umar Farooq or for that matter from the likes of elders Farooq Abdullah and Mufti Muhammad Sayeed to the faces of 21st century Umar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti. They have their rightful place in the Kashmir politics,though it a matter of time and issues as to whose space has expanded or shrunken over a period of time.

Now comes the issue of dialogue between India and Pakistan. Neither the two have the right kind of atmosphere nor the back up to push forward a consistent process towards a particular goal.

As the things stand today there hardly seems to be that kind of trust existing between the two sides. India – Pakistan dialogue is important but the words need to be translated into actions and New Delhi and Islamabad should have something common to talk about Kashmir-divergent voices from Kashmir are also holding the dialogue as hostage.

The issue needs the top priority to get solved lest it may not further spread tentacles to get out of control and engulf other parts of the country.

Let us hope that our Kashmir too smiles just like the other parts of the country so to make our mornings as cheerful as that of the Delhi.

Enough of blood has flowed through the river jhelum and if still solution will play a hide and seek game time is not far off when color of river water will also get changed to red.

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