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The Kashmiri Pheran to hit the chilly weather is the only tool we carry these days with us

The climate in Kashmir has now reached -19 degrees at many places and our outlook in dresses have too changed I have tried my raglar(A typical coat like jacket) which resembles the traditional Kashmiri Phe ran


kashmir calling

It is saddening that the city that had inspired Francis Bernier,first European to enter Kashmir in 1665 to write,In truth, the Kashmir surpasses in beauty all that my warmest imagination has anticipated” and Francis Young husband to compare this to Switzerland is dying faster than one could imagine.

It is dying not because of natural process but because of lack of political vision,official apathy and bad governance. The valley and its city Srinagar, counted before the departure of the British from the sub-continent as one amongst the best twenty cities of the Empire in terms of development of infrastructure is not now even comparable to the most backward cities in the tribal areas.

For managing the problems of the place and its adjoining areas the government has got master plans prepared a panel of expert at high costs. But what is ironic that these plans were neither $ade public nor implemented.

It is high time for the civil society to rise to the occasion to save the paradise from going to winds and from sinking further