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The snow in Kashmir

The snow I Kashmir this year has broken the records of previous 20 years and people are shivering. We have the same snow in lot of countries but given known the proper arrangements the people enjoy it and never get handicapped as happen in Kashmir.

With the fall of few inches of snow everything comes to standstill and system get chocked and essential items take the back seat and people have to fend for themselves.

Take the case of last weeks snowfall the water electricity and eateries vanished from the scene and the conditions were compounded with the blockage of only high way to the valley and we were reminded of the primitive days when they had to remain indoors weeks together.

The conditions of other spheres of life had also turn turtle and medicines vegetables cooking gas could be found nowhere and miseries of people were so hard to digest that they felt as if they belong to the stone ages as there was no trace of government to apply balm to the ached heads.

The functionaries of state government are cooling their heals in the comfort hot zones of winter location at Jammu.
The national highway connecting Kashmir valley with rest of the country via Jammu(The winter location of the state offices,which remain there after 6 months presence in Kashmir during summers) had remained closed from the last 7 days. The premitiveness of Jammu and Kashmir can be gauged from the fact that this electronic age of miracles can hardly have any impact on the fate of Kashmir as basic requirements are still miles away to the unfortunate residents.

The India government who don,t stop parroting that Jammu&Kashmir is the integral part of country could never initiate any step to make the place the part of the countries developments and remove the miseries of the people.

It is easy to preach but difficult to put it into actions to translate the actions in the real solutions to make life a pleasurable experience.

Can we be part of the developments or as usual we will be treated as trouble makers and under this illusion bereft the public their basic rights which besides include daily needs of essentials include the decision to decide their future so that the future of the next generation is secured.

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