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The end of an era The dynasty called Kazalbaash.

With the demise of Mirza Shabir Ahmad Kazalbaash we are facing and experiencing the end of an golden era.

The parents of Mirza shabir were historical personalities and were occupying the highest civilian posts in Kashmir during the years 1960-61

There is a historical importance to the wedlock of the parents of Shabir Ahmad Kazalbaash as they got married after the legal intervention of Quad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah.

The Kashmiri History is testimony to the fact that the mother of Shabir Ahmad Kazalbaash Begum Halema Chibbu,fondly called Begum sahiba was engaged somewhere else but Meher Ali Kazalbaash, who had migrated to this part of the Kashmir from Pakistan was adamant to get married to the lady who had captivated his heart.

When Meher Ali,who was holding a senior position in police force approached the Chibbu family,the equally a noble family of Kashmir,the proposal was accepted but locals raised a finger on the arrangement as in view of the engagement of the lady to somebody else,the marriage could not be as per the islamic norms unless the previous arrangement is not consumed.

On this resentment the powerful Meher Ali Kazalbaash approached the Quad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah of Pakistan to plead his case and allow the marriage to take place.

The folklore had it that Mr Jinah who had just returned from England after completing his barrister ship agreed to take up this case and visited Kashmir for this very case and fought it to its logical conclusion.

The case was won by the Kasalbaash and marriage was made possible and this way beauty and power got united and two powerful families of Kashmir got united in this marriage proposition.

Out of this wedlock Mr. Mirza Shabir Ahmad Kazalbaash was born and he was treated like a prince from his early childhood. But his father could not see the blossoming of the son into a mature person as he passed away after few years of his marriage.

The Hallema Kazalbaash,mother of Shabir has now risen to the highest post in education department and was always on tours as those days whole Jammu and Kashmir used to be under the control of one head of the institution.

The official engagements would off and on compelled the mother to leave his son under the custody of many servants but the love of mother was sometimes compromised.

The further job responsibilities have now crept deep into the relationship of mother and son and at times the dotted son was missing the company of his father who was taken away by the destiny but now finding his mother also so much engrossed in her official engagements made the relation further stranger.

Mr Shabir had a golden spoon in his mouth right from the birth and was carrying the superior genes of superior parents and excelled in his academic field but could not translate his gifted qualities in a successful career. He completed his degree in law from Alligarh muslim university and joined local court for practice. The field of law could not satisfy his creative urge and left the promising practice and joined the education department as teacher. But here also he found something wanting and left this job as well.

Mr Shabir had a sizable about of immovable and movable property and started his business from a owned property in General bus stand Anantnag. He established a restaurant but after some time he closed this venture as well and purchased few more properties at Pahalgam,a world renowned health resort.

After some time he got married to a distant relative from Anantnag and lead a successful marriage life and converted his old big ancestral mansion into a educational institute and handed it over to a reputed institution on rent and life went on smoothly and settled for good.

He is blessed with one son and a daughter both studying outside the state and are doing fine.

Mr Shabir ahmad Kazalbaash passed away on 25th of February 2012 after a brief illness and left this world for eternal peace. May Allah bless the departed soul.

Before his departure he had made arrangements to construct a new house near the premises of his in laws in anticipation that in case something happens to him at least his family is secured in the company of their dear one,s.

Let us prey that the departed soul rest in peace and give courage to wife daughter son and other relatives to bear the loss.
The end of an era.

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The Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi,The birthday Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)I

The birthday of Prophet of compassion,The messenger of Allah,The Hazrat-e-Muhammad (PBUH) has been a blessing for all the world in general and muslims in particular.

The messenger’s compassion towards the believers was of the utmost degree. The Quran describes His compassion in the following verse,which means; There has certainly come to you a messenger from among yourselves. Grievous to Him is what you suffer(i.e; your guidance) and to the believers is kind and merciful;(Quran:9:128).

The prophet muhammad has mercy for his enemies,mercy for women,mercy for children,mercy for slaves,mercy for animals and so on and so forth and had shown right path to all irrespective of their belief.

The Rabi-ul-wal,the third month of the Islamic calendar reminds us the coming of the last prophet of God. The Muhammad upon whom be peace and blessings of Allah. Every prophet of Allah preached and practiced Islam which as the name suggests,is the way of complete obedience of one God,Allah the Almighty.

Islam as the religion of Allah doesn’t take its name from any particular person tribe or place. The days when the orientalists would call it as Muhammadanism are gone. Now the staunchest amongst them call it by its very name,that is Islam.

Actually Islam wants to inculcate among the believers very traits and values that it stands for,Islam connects an individual, vertically, with Allah the Almighty and ;horizontally! With the humanity. Firmness of the believers bond with the Allah demonstrates his connection with his fellow beings. His being good to the human beings is directly proportional to the purity of his bond with the lord of the worlds.

In the prophetic history, Ibrahim(BC 2000-1800) faced difficulties of great magnitude. He was threatened,persecuted,isolated and finally was to be burned alive where only the divine intervention saved him and he established the centers for preaching monotheism at different places such as Palestine,to the east of the dead sea and he visited Egypt as well which then was a great centre of civilization.

According to the divine inspiration Ibrahim got settled his son,Is mail in the barren valley of Makkah. The reason behind this move was to create a segment of people totally free from polytheistic approaches and the Makkah was the most suitable place for this purpose. The valley was totally barren, uncultivable,un populated and free from the ancient polytheistic culture. The Ibrahim himself supervised his son from Palestine and he used to visit him frequently.

Meanwhile Allah continued to raise Prophets among the Banu Isra,I’ll for the continuation of the chain of prophet hood and when it was established that they have devalued themselves by not only opposing prophets but also by persecuting and killing many of them, (Jesus),Isa was sent to them with extraordinary birth and qualities to establish their transgression. They tried to kill Him but Allah saved Him. His followers (Hawariyyun) became the preachers of his word but the people who followed opened the ways for !neo-polytheism,in the form of trinity and monasticism.

The generation produced under the divine supervision for which Ibrahim had worked very hard was now looking for the final guide. Now since the message of Ibrahim had a universal bearing the final prophet had to be universal and ultimate. The Quranic expression Millata Abikum Ibrahim( this is the way or band of your father,Ibrahim signifies this fact).

This socio-political and commercial conditions of the world also demanded the finality, universality and the culmination of the prophet hood on Muhammad. We know that substantial part f the civilized world was under the Byzantines and the Sassanid. India had trade links with Europe through Makkah. Thus it was ripe time for the prayer of Ibrahim to get its fruition.

Ibrahim had thus prayed to his lord,”Our lord sent forth to them a messenger of their own to recite your revelation to them,teach them the scriptures and wisdom and purify them. You are the mighty and the wise one;( Quran 2;130). Ibrahim had invoked Allah while building the Ka,bah, the symbol of monotheism on earth.

In the whole inhibited world this band of people became the companions of the final prophet were ray of hope for the mankind and it was through these people that prophetic mission was culminated and prophet hood was sealed as the objective of eradicating the state patronage of polytheisim was brought about through these people. They were indeed the cream of the creation as is evident from the prayer of the prophet at the battlefield of Badr.

The muhammad, the last prophet of God (SAW) was send to lead the muslims towards the path of Allah and get removed the miseries of all the humanity. Peace be upon Him.

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