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the time to change

It is quite surprising to know that when we solemnise marriages we waste lot of resources,energy and time but the end result is not always worth the salt.

Few days back I was at a marriage function at Bijbhara in a close relation but the arrangements made for visiting guests was exceeding in all departments,be it eating,beverages,decoration and what not. The arrangements were made for 1600 people,which makes it 400 tramies(4 people eat one trami) but only 300 tramies were served and this left the wastage of 100 tramies means 400 people have not turned up.

This wastage of money if utilized somewhere else would make lot of difference to the ailing society.
The cultural values of Kashmir are rich in source but the culture which we adopt in marriages is not a healthy one and it needs to be thought over and find a way out of this mess.

When we calculate the losses in marriages on eating front it crosses unimaginary figures. Generally one standard trami in Kashmir costs Rs 2000 and wastage of 100 tramies makes it 200000 but the people who earned it from undesirable sources laugh it off as a part of the game but the middle class gets crushed under the weight.

Let us all fight it and fight it tooth and nail.

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the summer in Kashmir

My son Marib clicked when I was proceeding to srinagar on 20th May 2012 to see my sister who had returned back after performing Umrah along with whole family.

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The patience for construction.

It is always tiresome to venture into the affairs of constructions. I myself knowing the headaches attached with this venture started my project to shape the dream deluxe bed room for myself.

On 27th March I started the work on the pliant and ground work got completed with the laying of iron rings inside the earth to give it a shock proof characters. After laying the raft inside the foundation,the D PC was erected and base for construction got the firm foundation.

It is altogether a different topic to discuss as why this is messy job,because in spite of availability of funds the market behaves abnormally day in and day out.
When we start purchasing the raw material the rates get fluctuated and the material at times is not made available by the dealers in view of the expected fluctuation in rates.

The brick kiln owners are playing a musical game by fixing rates to the load of 3000 bricks from Rs 17000 to 19000 and at times create artificial shortage to pocket more returns but at the cost of degrading mentality.

The timber is another component which is hardly found in the market at affordable prices but they are sky rocketing and some imported variety had made some alterations in the mushrooming of constructions in Kashmir. Kashmir is known all over the world for its rich source of timber but vandalization of forests have depleted the hopes. The Russian timber is these days used in constructions in Kashmir as local timber is neither available nor is it affordable. The rate ranges from Rs 1200 to 2500 per square foot(Kail and deodar.

The iron is also playing a hide and seek game and rate has fluctuated from Rs 4700 to Rs 5000 per quintal.
The cement which used to be very cheap has also behaved abnormally. When I started construction it was selling from Rs 265 to 350 per bag but now it has fluctuated to 340 to 390(Kyber and Khrew).

The ordinary souls find it difficult to think in terms of constructing new houses in view of the unrealistic increase in rates.

Anyway it is the part of the game and if one has to sustain one has to prosper so constructing new house sometimes don’t make esteem statements but at times it necessity.
I had made construction to make cozy rooms for kids and connect annex with the car porch.

The new construction was carried on the base of columns and first storey got completed on 13th May with the final concreatization on the top and with this the dreamy cozy and love storey got the shape for the final touch.

The work will stop for 7 days till the top gets hardened to withstand the pressure for another storey.

The second storey is going to house a deluxe bedroom,a dry and wet bathroom and a living room to give shape to my imaginary thoughts to house my loving family.

The walls for new storey will follow to give shape to attic under the roof where my son is planning to establish his play station with hytec fittings to land safely on his imaginary room.

Let me cross all my fingers till my dreamy house gets final shape..The conceal and floor lights will have to wait till they get life to illuminate my cozy space.

Let my dreams get wings to fly and reach me in the shape of whatever I have dreamed.

Khan Mukhtar

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