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The time to change.

From the last two days we the people of Kashmir had to be indoors as there was eruption of public resentment against the mysterious burning of 400 years old shrine of Dastageer sahib at srinagar.

The response could have been to locate the reason behind this mishap and there was no reasons to inflame the atmosphere lest it may slip from our hands and take the shape of previous summer unrest of 2008-09 which took the lives of innocent teenagers and result was nothing.

Why don,t we grow up and behave as upright Muslims and believe in the Almighty Lord He will take care of everything as we are not licensed to take law into our hands which puts lot of people into trouble even if we fight a mutual enemy.

Schools colleges and offices are closed and by the protests on roads we have deprived our society a normal working conditions and students have lost a valuable academic atmosphere.

Peer rani peer sayeed Dastgeer sahib,s (PBUH) is revere red for all but we must restrain our resentments and rest will fall in place.

We need to change and change for the best so that Kashmir is not further consigned to flames.

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Towards reddicalization

The theories of fragmentation and details thereof always play hide and seek.and money is being spent in creating a divide in the name of Barelvis,Doobandis and Wahabis. This is alarming in case it connotes even an iota of what is being claimed .

In absence of any sound political approach that could usher in era of sustainable peace,the rulers in their misplaced wisdom may have found it expedient to exacerbate the sectarian divisions. However what could easily be described as a short sighted measure ultimately entails immensely destructive consequences.

One Hopes that rulers remember the disastrous experience of supporting late Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale,in order to create a rift in the Akal Dal, a new faction called Dal Khalsa led by Bhindranwale was started.

It is of no use to reinterate the facts here that American patronage of Afghan jihad and its hegemonic approach was the reason behind the emergence of many reactionary pro–violence and extremist organizations.

Incapacitated by the arrogant and power mind set to learn from the mistakes the west particularly America after 19/11 has come to believe that the greater adherence to the fundamentals of Islam- described as so called fundamentalism by the hysterically fearful and confused but mainstream western thoughts-promotes violence. In order to create a buffer against the rising tide of violent attitudes,the western powers have tried to fashion a new religion,erroneously described as Sufi Islam.

One hopes that authorities are aware of the pitfalls of creating fragmentation and promoting religious ideologies to counter genuine political causes. The security apparatus may also be cognizant of the fact that militancy in Kashmir in not inspired by any religious ideology. The religious struggle in the end will only lead to more radicalisation.

Fruit and vegetable mandi Ashjipora, Anantnag.

The fruit and vegetable mandi at Ashjipora,Anantnag was established during the year 1986 on a piece of land which was previously constructed by the roads and building department J&K government for the basic purpose of storage for FCI supplies.

The 20 shops thus constructed for storage purposes were allotted to the reluctant fruit dealers who were functioning from pavements of busy Lalchowk,Anantnag.

After proper persuasion by the local administration the dealers agreed to get their business activities shifted to R&B property at ashajipora. In this way 20 shops were allotted to the 20 dealers by the concerned department and rent was accordingly fixed.

The market got started and invested main trust on the import of vegetables and fruits from outside the state and occasionally transacted some business in the early varieties of Kashmiri fruit.

The mandi is manned and managed by the committee set up by the dealers on some monthly voluntary contributions. The upkeep and sanitation is taken care off from the revenue generated through contribution of members.

The mandi is protected by the walls from all sides but on one side of the wall towards one periphery there is an encroachment by one private party and they have removed the boundary and annexed their shops with the mandi without any authority.

The unauthorized structure has 15 shop which have been given on rent to the 15 dealers and they in turn have become part of the mandi.

In this way right now we have 35 shops functioning from the mandi and are carrying the business to the tune of approximately Rs 70-80 crores per year.

The mandi is on one side having its mutual boundary wall with the ITI complex having an expansive land of more than 50 kanals. If government is interested  to make the mandi run smoothly it has the provision of expansion if adjoining land of ITI is transferred to  the department of horticulture(P&M) for needful development.

The 20 shops owned by R&B are paying rent of Rs 5000 towards R&B as rent on yearly bases and rest 15 shops are paying rent to a private party owned by Late Abdul Majeed Sheikh.

The business in the mandi is a yearly affair and charge 5% as commission deductible from the buyer.

The 20 shops have 10 sets of residential units above it and are being allotted to the government servants by the district development commissioner,Anantnag.

The details of working body is as under
President: Mr Abdul Rashid Wagay
Secretary: Mr Abdul Rashid Bulbul

The average arrivals in the market ranges from 25-30 trucks per day and the working behavior of the mandi is 12 months for all the seasons.

The mandi has been functioning from the last more than 26 years but it is not regulated nor there is any control by the department of horticulture planning and marketing,J&K government, the sole nodal agency to regulate mandies in view of powers vested with the director marketing under various provisions enshrined under the marketing act.

If the government wants to regulate the market and allow it to function under the marketing act,it needs to be transferred from the R&B department and use the basic rules of act to make it more viable.


The train experience at Mumbai

When I visited Mumbai for the first time during the year 1989 when situation in Kashmir turned volatile, I had a horrific episode with the suburban railways.

This was very new to me because back home we do not have rail net work but had to be dependent on the public transport of buses and even sumu,s were alien to us those days.

When I reached Bombay central,those days trains from Jammu used to have last stop there and had to go to vashi,New Bombay.

When I asked for the quick and easy mode to reach Vashi I was given to known that I had to switch to harbor line of central railways from the western line and catch a train from VT(Victoria terminus) Masjid Bunder.

Those days the central railways had no direct rail link with Vashi but had service up to Mankhurd and from there one had to board bus or taxi and pass through the long bridge passing through Bombay- Pune highway and reach Vashi.

I boarded a cab and reached VT station and catched slow Mankhurd rail service. I was surprised to see the sea of people boarding the train at the same time. The gathering which I found at VT station was a new experience for me as such big gathering we would find back home only when there is any mela or a grand public gathering.

It was a harrowing experience to board the trains at shortest possible time of few minutes along with the baggage as all the people at all the same movement could also try to get in lest they may miss it. Any how I was lucky to get in and train started. It passed through various stations and would stop at each station for a fraction of second and people would get in.

This accumulation of people inside the train who would board at various station has now turn the train into a suffocating box as people would get pressed with each other and breath jointly. By now I have already sweated a lot and would find it unbearable.

The stations would pass by and after passing through many stations one gentle man had pity on me and offered his seat and here I found that people are very much cultured in Bombay. After passing through Masjid Bunder, Bycula, Cotten green vadala, chembur and others I reached Mankhurd. Luckily it was last station so alighting was a bit easy but my clothes had by now already turned wet.

I recollected my breath and composed myself and had a inner feeling as if I had erred by coming to this big city and leaving behind the comforts of my home and my city. Anyway bullet had already been fired and there was no way to retreat.

I had no choice but to catch a cab and proceeded to Vashi in sector 5. I had my residential house at E-1/5,Vash,Opposite ESIS hospital,Bombay and after half hours journey reached Vashi and breathed easily.

I was basically home sick but I had no alternative but to shift base due to disturbances back home as at times frisking by security forces was irritating and at times I would think in terms of retaliating. My family was not happy with my migration and my budding love. my future wife would also feel it disturbing. I somehow ensured that I will come back to my roots.

During the year 1998 I somehow returned back in single piece to my family and to my love The Gazala. The city had by now turned Mumbai and now had a direct train from Vt To Navi Mumbai.

The rest details will follow in nest blog watch and wait.

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jammu and Kashmir fruit industry.

Jammu and Kashmir sans insurance cover and a transport policy for the lucrative fruit industry which gives livelihood to more than three million people in the valley.

Despite having grown as a buoyant sector with annual turnover of Rs 3500 crore,the fruit industry in kashmir continues without having any cushioning from the govt in terms of incentives.

Ironically the state government continues to turn deaf ear to the pressing demand of the growers for bringing apple crop under insurance cover.

According to the apple growers,the fruit industry suffers losses worth hundreds of crores annually due to hailstorm and other weather vagaries.

Almost 20-30 percent crop is damaged due to weather Vagaries every year thereby causing losses amounting between Rs 900-1000 crore,as per the estimates.

Curiously less apple yielding cities like Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh have already brought the apple crop under insurance cover. Pertinantly JK alone produces 65 of the apples in the country followed by Uttarrakhand,Himachal pradesh and Nagaland.

In Kashmir valley around 22 lakh metric tones of apple are produced from 3.40 lakh hectares of orchard.

Going through the official handouts of the state government the fruit growers assertion that successive regimes have deceived them on bringing apple crop under insurance cover stands vindicated.

The crop has to be insured to avoid losses to the growers given known the climatic and others factors. The fruit needs to be covered under insurance cover against risk of drought hailstorm and market fluctuation.

The fruit growers are also complaining that absence of any transport policy for export apples to outside state is resulting in huge losses to them.

Every year during the peak season there is shortage of trucks and growers are left with no option but to pay freight as per the will and whim of truckers.

It causes the loss to the industry to the tune of Rs 100 -150 crore every year on this account. It is irony when state like Himachal Pradesh is talking of building apple corridors exclusively for ferrying apples,the state of jammu and Kashmir is still battling with introducing of the transparent transport policy,which could have helped the growers in minimizing the losses on account of tariff hike.

The state government if willing to deliver can easily collaborate with the neighboring states of Pun jab,Delhi and Haryana and devise a mechanism to avoid frequent shortage of trucks.

Before it is too late to act the state government needs to wake up from the deep slumber and pump life into the lifeless health of fruit industry of Kashmir so that it is made relevant in view of the fast changing scenarios.

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The barbar shop at churchgate,Mumbai

I have old and vivid memories of having occasionally under went the scissor of barber just outside the gate of church gate station on marine lines side.

I would most likely plan my cutting on Saturdays as the mood as such in the busy city would get relaxed on Saturdays.

The movement I would enter the shop the waiter at gate would hand me over the token and would seat me in a cozy sofa set. The magazines would turn our companions till such time my coupon would find its mention on the electronic display panel.

When I visited the shop for the first time during the year 1989 in the month of June at 7 PM, I could find it altogether different from the salons we used to have back home in Kashmir . The outlook and style of functioning was very different but appealing at the same time.

The movement my turn came I was taken to a cushion y seat and the head barber presented himself and asked which style I would prefer to wear but I told him in clear words that I do not have habit of aping.

Now since the barber was very polite and thought I am a foreigner so proceeded as I told and by hair was cut as my choice otherwise I have a bitter experience at Col aba when I visited high end parlor called magic touch just outside Taj hotel.

But now back home today I miss those cozy movements which I had at Mumbai

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The jaleel Andrabi Case

During the year 1996 human rights activist and a member of amnesty international was picked up by the Rashtriya rifles regiment under the command of Major Avtar but his body was found floating in the jhelum river a few days later after his arrest.

The main person responsible was non other than Major Avtar singh and it was even established by the local police.

The major in connivance with home ministry of India disappeared from Kashmir and was smuggled out of country to avoid rule of law.

The innocent soul of Jaleel Andrabi was bruised just few days later when he had returned from Geneva where he had addressed a UN session about human rights violations by India in Kashmir.

On the evening of March 8, 1996 Andrabi was driving home with his wife when he was stopped and taken away by army personnel who were apparently waiting for him.

Twenty days later police asked Andrabi,s younger brother to identify a body recovered from a jute sack in the jhelum river.. It was Andrabi, his hands tied behind his back,his eyes gouged out.

The special investigation team formed to investigate the case_ at the order of high court in Kashmir reported that everything pointed to Major Avtar singh of 25 Rashtriya Rifles unit as the person who had committed the murder. It was also found that in order to eliminate the trail,singh had murdered four Kashmiri counter insurgents who had witnessed the killing.

The home ministry and external affairs ministry played a active role to save singh just to avoid setting a precedent for Indian soldier accused of human rights violations to appear before the law.

There was inter pol alert for singh but he was never deported from the hiding- Selma ,California, USA.

The story to catch singh alive failed as on Saturday,9th,June 2012, the killer of Andrabi got killed his family of 4 including his wife and at the end of the bloody game killed himself. End of a Murderer.

Justice is still alluding an as the family members of Andrabi have an firm belief that Singh was not alone involved but the other people who master minded it are roaming free.

The Americans are pestering other countries to deport the people who have committed crimes back home but Safe passage of Avtar Singh in American speaks duel policy. He has been living a decent life and carrying his trucking business under the watchful eyes of over active American law enforcing agencies who catch anybody having Khan as surname.

It means that Americans were doing it to appease India who had smuggled him into American safe heavens after committing crimes in neglected land of Kashmir.

Let us wait for the real justice.

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