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The prayers,the way to connect with God.

The month of Ramazan is a blissful occasion for all the Muslims in particular and humanity in general.

Today I offered Zuhar prayers in Shair-baig mosque built of stones and it reminded me the days of my youth.

The mosque has been constructed in such a position that it is all over covered by the huge chinar trees and is surrounded by water from all the sides.

The spring water which passes through the big garden through natural tributaries and gets veined away from the garden and get merged with the near by water streams.

My visit to the mosque allowed me to visit old memories attached with the place. When I was hardly 11 years my sisters would get me hear and get me bathed in the gush of spring water which at times would be as cold as ice.

Now when I am in my late forties my memories got refreshed and had a wish that old golden and innocent memories may visit us again with the potion of peace and love.

The stone mosque had transformed into a full fledged mosque with comfortable matting and people are enjoying it and kids taking dips in open cold water streams. Performing ablution is a entertaining experience as ice water refreshes the soul and body and one feels just out of heavens.

The atmosphere of Ramazan is furthering the beauty of this garden-mosque combination and looks as if angles are visiting us.

Let us pray that this Ramazan brings in love life and license to live happily.

God bless all Muslims and allow us to reap the harvest of prosperity.

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