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The shame of Kunan-Poshpora

The shame of Kunan Poshpora.
The Kupwara courts recent order to reopen the 1991 case in which 36 women young aged alike,were molested by the personnel of the 4 Rajputana rifles in Kunan_Poshpora is late but in right direction. It has also dismissed the closure report filed by the J&K police.
The new Delhi should now show courage to put the accused on trial. This is a unique case because invading forces ravage occupied territories and molest the women there.
You don’t hear of the women of an entire village being molested by policemen or security forces in the rest of the country but you do hear that in Kashmir and that is precisely why many Kashmiris call their land Indian occupied Kashmir.
Most Indians are often stumped when they see graffitis in Kashmir that read,Indian go back!.
Most of the Indians do not get to hear the reports of atrocities committed by Indian army and security forces in Kashmir.
Well even if they heard about them they would rationalize it in the name of terrorism and Pakistan. It has taken too many years for the Indian public to wake up to see what is happening in Kashmir. The bold statement by justice J,S. Verma committee on impunity by armed forces in places like Kashmir have helped the average Indian understand what is done to the Kashmiris.
The average. Indian can be forgiven for not being aware of what happens in Kashmir. But the countries civilian authorities has no such excuses.
Before New Delhi preaches values and norms to the international community to stay at the top of the list,it needs to clean up its act at home, starting with kashmir.

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