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The Gazala!love of my life.

When she arrived on the horizon of my life the air started behaving differently but I took everything in my stride won her heart and she was mine.

Whole world was red as if on fire but the intensity of my love showered them the purity of water and made them to withstand the pure love for my pure beauty,my life my wife.

It was 23rd of November,1991 when the history of different sorts was created which gave shape to a love of altogether different and unique features.

One partner the dinosaur of all eyes with the magnetic personality but down to earth with heart at its right place, never flexed his muscles to score points on his contemporaries and the other partner with angelic beauty and everybody developing desire to own her but roots deeply rooted to the soil of her choice with head seated well on her shoulders.

The stars matched and two ordinary but intense people got engaged to spend rest of the life together as husband and wife.

Life is a wonderful experience it gets charmed when you are surrounded by sincere and noble people with noble thoughts deeply rooted within. I had the blessing of having acquired all these habits in my wife.

She is air to life, the water to thirsty, the light to darkness, eyes to blind, ears to deaf and what not but I have found her more appealing when she delivers as a wife,a mother,a sister,a daughter and as daughter-in-law. I think as if my votive threads have been answered and in return I have been gifted with such a wonderful person as my wife.

It looks as if it has been just few months when we were eloped but 22 years union denotes that our love have multiplied many folds and two beautiful angels have made our married life a wonderful experience.

When I wake up early in the morning and after routine prayers I look into the skies fold handed and thank Allah for giving me such a wonderful life partner.

The 22nd marriage anniversary thus is an attested fact that our love has blossomed in real sense and it looks just yesterdays occasion to remember of. I have seen people listening to melodious gazals but the gazal which I listen in the form of Gazala is altogether different and as natural as life.

The matches made in heaven are definitely looking charming on earth but the definition of love is enchanting thus people need to get loved and get involved as well in the sacred relation with opened arms.

When we get engaged with our future partners we agree to bring stars down to earth to prove our love but the day two get married target for stars gets illusion ed. The frictions created is not because of hardships in the married life but the changing behavior of one or the other partner which was earlier very caring one when two were not married.

The catch word in a married life is to have faith, have sincerity, have patience but never change otherwise the sacred relation is going to create havoc and domestic violence in any form can get birth.

We have have to be very natural in our relations and give a peaceful atmosphere to our children otherwise conflicting family give rise to disturbed parenting which in turn affects the mental upbringing of children.

I have not changed and have never given a chance to my wife that my concern have taken any dent from the one I was carrying before marriage. I could find that this unchanging behavior do wonders for a successful married life and healthy atmosphere is allowed to roam around and children bathe in it merrily.

Healthy family is where prosperity and happiness of children lie in. Better get berth in such cabin of comforts and live happily with your loved ones through rains, snows and through bumpy roads.

Khan Mukhtar

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