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The life after death.

The death is not the end of life nor is it the finishing of human soul but as per our Islamic laws it is the start of real life.

People are scared of death because they have not spend their life in this finishing world as per the commands of holy book,The Quran,the proper guide to life.

One who has spend life as per the Quranic versions feels blessed the movement death knocks at their door and happily embrace it. But on the contrary one who has not spend life as per Islamic laws feels scared the movement death reaches his door.

One who is happy at the time of death is one who had earned a lot during his lifetime for the life after death and one who feels scared of death is one who had invested only for the materialistic pursuits of this life and never bothered to think of life after death.

I am of the firm belief that real life starts after death and this life is a preparatory ground for such wonderful life after death.

Khan Mukhtar

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look backwards for retrospection

Keep smiling smile will smile back on you

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