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Electricity to ignite temper

My magnetic personality generally doesn’t permit people with unlike poles to attract having the character of being without love for life but on the contrary I attract people with like poles having right combination of life which oozes innocence.

Few days back the field staff of electric department visited my residence when I was out of station for two months and noted down my electric meter reading. When I was served monthly bill it was sky rocketing with Rs 4500 for mere 3 units.

I visited nearby Customer care centre and conveyed my point of view but it was not digested by them and showed inability to rectify the bill but instead asked to contact officer in charge.

The movement I entered into the cabin of Asst Executive Engineer my patience had already yielded and whatever anger was left found its exit inside this cabin. I made it a point to show the unfriendly attitude of field staff. The officer was also surprised as how a consumer whose meter consumed 3 units can be served with the bill of Rs 4500.

When I insisted to go further deep into the issue lest it may be repeated in other consumers as well. The record of my meter was called and lines man had declared my meter as sticking therefore levied a flat rate of said amount.

When I represented that I was out station for 2 months and there was nobody at home to consume any units which will have been reflected in the meter but without verifying the genuineness of my meter I was handed inflated bill.

To prove my point I asked the field staff to check the meter and accordingly decide as where the fault lies. A team was send and they found that meter is alright and the reading had increased to 100 units from the day I returned from holiday.

The people got confused as what is the wrong with the system that if you don’t use electricity does it give authority to people to harass and tax you.

A wise field officer intervened and gave suggestion to take this meter to the lab and get its MRI done and accordingly decide where the fault lies.

My meter was disconnected and I was given direct supply till such time issue is settled. At lab the meter was put to test with 4 other meters to prove its efficiency but to their surprise the pulse rate of my meter was more than normal and count was higher when compared with other meters on same load.

This has put a question mark on the functioning of the field staff of PDD(Power development department).

The MRI report was finalized and load and reading was accordingly calculated and it was found that meter is in perfect condition and there is no sticking.

But to my pure surprise I was asked to change the meter with the new one inspite of the fact that my old meter was in order. This is nothing but a. Unfriendly approach by govt sufficient reason to scratch our head.

I purchased new meter from market and handed it to them for check and installation at my residence. I am told that after new meter is installed the bill of Rs 4500 will be rectified and new bill will be issued. New meter has been installed but till date bill has not been rectified

It is true that there is shortage of electricity in J&K but it never means to say that consumers will be harassed and bills issued without verifying the status of meters.

It is also true that there is pilferage in many pockets but it also doesn’t give license to harass general public who use electricity judiciously and pay for the bills in time.

It is also a fact that few people in kashmir misuse the facilities and put other people to trouble by hooking during late hours and put extra burden on transformers which in the process develop problem and whole of community is put to trouble.

The genuine consumers start hitting roads for poor supply which is not only fault of govt but the public as well because hooking is the basic culprit.

People protest on roads for poor electric supply but by doing so they are highlighting the genuine problem but at wrong place simply because blocking traffic is blocking everything. A patient is on way to hospital, a student is on way to school an employee is out to reach office to look into problems of the public. Who is blocking whom.

We need to highlight problems at right place where the solution can be got solved. Electric problem needs to be agitated at electric depart and administrative problems at administrative offices so that real culprits are nailed and rest everything else is left aside.

Let us fix targets and hit them hard to derive the required results without hitting boundaries here and there and compounding problems instead.

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