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The exam blues.

When we were student we had a different style of addressing the exam blues and often we used to pass the exams with very strict markings.

The exams used to be a tiresome exercise which used to spent lot of our mental power but we used to be focused.

Yesterday while overhearing my son talking to his friend on mobile and exchanging what is up and how will we plan to go ahead with the exams falling just next morning.

I was surprised to know the behaviour of gen next when in next movement while discussing topics expected to be tested in exams my son was so net savy that he asked his friend to send the prose on what’s up so that he can have a look and go ahead.

During our time we may have created  tensions. If we were not ready with reading material on exam date but gen next is carefree and have hardly developed any reason to get hit by exam blues.

  1. Exams are ok but it is not the end of the world we must give  our generations a free hand and decide how to mould their careers.

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    The life of late have started behaving abnormally since life does not wait for any bodies to shape the lufe

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