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Aruna Shaubaug who had been in coma for the last 42 years ultimately lost her fight and passed away peacefully at KEM hospital at Mumbai on 18th May2015 at 7.30 am.

Aruna Shaubaug was nurse by profession and during the year 1974 a ward boy who was wearing the apron of an beast molested her during her duty hour.

The animal in the guise of a human during the scuffle hit the nurse by a broome on her head which cut her oxygen supply to her brain and she collapsed there.

The nurse thus was turned into a vegetative state and she remained under coma for the last 42 years with hardly any word coming out from her tortured body to convey her tale.

The staff nurses who used to be her colleagues later on made it a mission to take care of her.

Aruna Shaubaug was very promising nurse by profession and was rewarded as a asset for the hospital,she  was readying to get married to a doctor working in the same hospital before this incident.

During all these years she was deserted by her relatives and never visited her but due the untiring care of staff nurses she was given best treatment.

During all these years many times the case was referred to court of law by the hospital to seek permission for induced death of the body since there was no improvement in the status of the body.

This ploy if hospital was fought tooth and bail by the social activists and staff nurses and idea was shelved.

This is a story which stir the inner conscience of all living in this society were such human animals still roam freely and law hardly punishes them



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