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The life after blood bath-Kashmir.

The life in Kashmir  has taken lot of dents after the fateful day of 8th july,2016 when at Bomodora Kokernag,Anatnag few prominent Mujahedeens were gun down by security forces in a secret mission.

People poured out on streets and protested day in and day out inspite of imposition of curfews throughout the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Now it is 21st day and still curfew is in place in Anantnag and other districts of the state without any relaxations.

The people are so resilient this time it seems government of India had started developing fits in searching the way out from this outburst.

This time America, China and other European countries have felt the pain of Kashmiris and have started pulling strings to pressurise the Indian govt to find a amicable solution to this vexed issue lingering from last more than 60 years. The UN too intervened and conveyed displeasure at the unfolding of bloody events on roads.

Pakistan who is a very important part to this issue had this time travelled a lot and called the killed Mujahedeen as their leaders and India seemed disturbed by such turn of events.

The resistant leaders have already made their intensions clear to the people and called it a do or die position. People are been asked to stock essentially to guarantee sustenance for the tiring days ahead.

The protest calendars are being followed  by the people religiously without complaining in view of the fact that this particular period of time is economically very important from tourism point of view and other agriculture activities side.

The new protest calendar for 30th july,2016 has been formulated and people have been directed to organise sit on,s on road sides from dusk to dawn.

People are gearing up for the show and everything has been put in place to organise sit on,s from Assar prayers to Maghreb prayers on road sides throughout the length and breath of the Kashmir.

This time no stone pelting will be allowed but protest will be peaceful so that Worlds renowned democracy is kneeled down to full fil the promises made with the people under various UN resolutions where after outbreak of partition people were promised to choose their own destination after normalisation of conditions around the borders.

The prime minister of that time Pandit Jawaharlal  Nehru is signatory to such resolution and people were promised to exercise the option of self determination as where they want to keep their loyalty.

People were destined to decide whether to go Pakistan side or go to Indian side and also to decide their own independent side away from both.

Anyway time will only decide which way the wind flows and till them we have to keep our fingers crossed.

The need of the hour is unity and divisive invisible forces have to stopped to allow the ship of aspiration to 0sail through the muddy waters to liberation from occupied  forces.

To be continued after 22nd protest day.



Curfewed Nights of Kashmir

Kashmir had always puzzled people from different corners of the world as they hardly make a case as why Kashmiris are always up in arms with India but at the same time shown bend of belief towards Pakistan. 

The conflict as everybody know is the child of partition between Pakistan and India. 

From the last more than 60 years the conflict had taken lot of turns but in the process lot of blood had flown down the Jhelum.

The conflict had not kept any specific  calendar but the episodes would automatically get played and replayed time and again at the slightest turn of events which otherwise used to be basic demand processions of the people of Kashmir

Some times we had case of disappearance of sacred thread of prophet Mohammad PBUH from the holly mosque of Hazratbal, Srinagar, at times we had tribesman invading Kashmir from Pakistan side, some times revolt against the .ruler Maharaja Hari singh.

When all option got dried up  and special status of state getting compromised people visited roads again and again to restore their belief as well as their special status.

The ultimate salvo was targeted during the year 1989 when elections were rigid and winners were declared losers and losers were allowed to rule the state people from where had already rejected them.

Armed struggle followed and rest is history since people are fighting tooth and nail against the occupier forces of India but at the cost of innocent blood

This type of resistant movement is now part and parcel of Kashmiris and people are fighting  in spite of lot of blood lost on the streets.

Current fresh spell of violence has got its impetus by the extra judicial killing of HM commander Burhan Muzzafar Wani along with his 2 companions at KOKERNAG in south Kashmir district of Anantnag on 7th July 2016..

Right from day one Kashmir had been placed under the strict curfew and people are now spending curfewed days and nights from the last 14 days. History created by snapping all communication channels from the last 14 days.

India got unnerved and both houses of parliament discussed the issue in detail on 21st of July,2016 but since they wear a strong set of mind could hardly make a difference between the blood of the youth from the rest of the country and that of the youth from Kashmir.

Time will tell how thick is it and how it can be a game changer since now they do not wield guns but a solid determination to see their aspiration getting fulfilled.

Let us how  air flows. .


Kashmir the issue.

From the last more than 60 years the Kashmir issue had remained a friction point between the two countries of Pakistan and India but in the process only Kashmir got the beating.

The innocent blood of our youth  gets lost  to the conflict time and again but at the end of the day solution has always played a hide and seek game.

The problem does not lie in skies it has to be found within us but it seems we have not yet entitled ourselves to get the same in spite of losing our youth innumerable times to the brute force of India.

Our peaceful protests are being handled with the bullets and thus government has never bothered to visit the history books where as per UN resolutions ultimate solution graph has been drawn in clear terms..

This process of annihilating the precious  human  race has remained  unstoppable under the nose of world renowned UN watch dog.

One gets surprised as how much  is too much a blood which can satiate the thirst of occupied forces. to give Kashmiris’ a chance to breath easy

In rest of the country whenever a dissent voice pours out on roads a medium is created to listen to the voice and solution found to defuse the tension so to save the human lives’

The fresh wave of violence from 8th July 2016  in Kashmir has taken the life of more than 50 lives whereas 2000 people are injured by brute force but till date conscience  of Indian law makers have not been awakened..

Whenever people pour out on roads for a cause in the rest of the country whole system works over time to diffuse  the same and to  locate the viable solution but in Kashmir the scheme is used differently

Neither resistant leaders are given a audience nor steps are taken to obviate the same with the result giving a signal that blood of Kashmiris’ is neither red nor it costs anything’ .