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Kashmir had always puzzled people from different corners of the world as they hardly make a case as why Kashmiris are always up in arms with India but at the same time shown bend of belief towards Pakistan. 

The conflict as everybody know is the child of partition between Pakistan and India. 

From the last more than 60 years the conflict had taken lot of turns but in the process lot of blood had flown down the Jhelum.

The conflict had not kept any specific  calendar but the episodes would automatically get played and replayed time and again at the slightest turn of events which otherwise used to be basic demand processions of the people of Kashmir

Some times we had case of disappearance of sacred thread of prophet Mohammad PBUH from the holly mosque of Hazratbal, Srinagar, at times we had tribesman invading Kashmir from Pakistan side, some times revolt against the .ruler Maharaja Hari singh.

When all option got dried up  and special status of state getting compromised people visited roads again and again to restore their belief as well as their special status.

The ultimate salvo was targeted during the year 1989 when elections were rigid and winners were declared losers and losers were allowed to rule the state people from where had already rejected them.

Armed struggle followed and rest is history since people are fighting tooth and nail against the occupier forces of India but at the cost of innocent blood

This type of resistant movement is now part and parcel of Kashmiris and people are fighting  in spite of lot of blood lost on the streets.

Current fresh spell of violence has got its impetus by the extra judicial killing of HM commander Burhan Muzzafar Wani along with his 2 companions at KOKERNAG in south Kashmir district of Anantnag on 7th July 2016..

Right from day one Kashmir had been placed under the strict curfew and people are now spending curfewed days and nights from the last 14 days. History created by snapping all communication channels from the last 14 days.

India got unnerved and both houses of parliament discussed the issue in detail on 21st of July,2016 but since they wear a strong set of mind could hardly make a difference between the blood of the youth from the rest of the country and that of the youth from Kashmir.

Time will tell how thick is it and how it can be a game changer since now they do not wield guns but a solid determination to see their aspiration getting fulfilled.

Let us how  air flows. .



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