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Curfewed valley’The Kashmir.

Now since it is 46th day of curfew in Kashmir and goings for ordinary souls of the people have been put to lot of trouble.

On one side the resistant leaders are calling for protest calendar and on the other side the life of people have been thrown out of gear. The excesses of security forces apart the another threat which now has become part of the problem is loss of directions on roads as our youths who are the reckoning force behind the movement at  times exceed their commitments by stopping essential service to move.

The resistant movements of the world are based on the principle of sustenance as you need to have a system in place where every stakeholder will have to contribute substantially in the form of assistance so that banks are  created to take care of people who have nothing to eat.

You can have food, medicine, cooking gas clothes and whatever is needed for sustenance in the said banks so that those people whose daily earning had got dent due to  the struggle movement are given everything from the banks free of any cost.

The banks would run on the concept of ;by the people for the people so that affluent class can spare something in the banks to be distributed to the people whose earning  got affected because of curfews and protest calendars of resistant leaders.

People have a issue with the country and are ready to go any limit to achieve the desired goal.

They have varied goals which needed  to be achieved and occupying forces of India has to shrug off their hard approach and visit history books as what has been the status of Kashmir when India got liberated.

Kashmiris have never integrated with India during last 70 years nor are they ready to do so therefore solution needs to be solved as per the UN resolutions signed by India with the watch dog established for the purpose.

Let Kashmiris’ have the luxury to choice how they eat how they will dress how they will prey and how to lead   a dignified life.



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