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It is often seen that during anybodies life time we generally see that relatives and other friend circles either wish you from a distance or use social media to communicate or take stock of happenings in your life.

Due to paucity of time and over engagements of  worldly affairs we generally hardly find time to deliver socially the commitments which otherwise we are supposed to do  but the movement anybody dear passes away we leave everything and  mourn for 4 days. Where from  we get time now to mourn.

During life time of departed soul we would hardly find time to take care or stock of welfare but the movement he/she passed away we religiously either keep our selves stationed at his house for 4 days or visit everyday up to Chaharum{4th CONGRESSIONAL PRAYERS}.

We need to revisit our faith and the faith which we try to portray before the day is called for good.

Let heavens blessings get showered on the departed soul.

Everybody visited which include neighbours friends colleagues scholars religious organisations and prayed for blessed soul.


Mourning,time for actualization ofself.

When we visit the bereaved families whose near and dear one,s pass away for the final  journey to the ultimate world,we on the other hand are reaffirming our faith that we have to be ready always for ultimate journey of life as well.

Yesterday when I was observing the mourning of my maternal uncle at Bijbehara,the gathering was spell bound when a guest deliberated upon the essence of life.

The guest was  scholarly person  with huge potential with the knowledge having  hold on the Islamic beliefs and thoughts.

The person is head of the department in central Asian studies Kashmir university and a  very close relative from maternal side Dr Ghulam Nabi Khaki.

The way of oration was so strong and message so clear that  there was pin drop silence with everybody having eyes and ears completely in unison listening what is being delivered.

The topic was varied in its context starting from the basic faith the Muslims need to harness so to achieve the actualization in the discipline of real faith.

He was very bold to say that we construct houses, enmass materialistic pursuits ,book our banks with the money to make safe sailing in this world but never try to travel a mile to store or to save for real world,the world after death. Everybody is talking about life after death but from inside we hardly have full faith in it.There is something amiss in our faith thereby making our belief shaky.

The Muslims have only and the only channel to safely travel the path of real life and that is the path shown by our beloved prophet Mohammad PBUH.If we can stick to this fact of  life we will always find our last journey as pleasurable as anything.


Writing obituary is always  painful especially when you are writing it for the person who has always been on your side in all seasons of life.

My maternal uncle Peer Gull Mohammad Shah S/O Peer Hamidullah Shah of Bhagander,Bijbehara has been a  person with a difference.

He has always put everythingK to backburner but prioritised  the wellbeing and welfare of the children of his sister,my mother.

 I remember it very vividly that during my toddler days at maternal house I was getting a princely treatment in spite of their  poverty and  would skip his meal to feed me two meals.

The concern and conceptualized mood to see happiness on my face has always been his only aim in life .The nitty gritty of life whatever i had picked up during this period was solely because of his untiring hard labour.

The youth part of my life was mostly spent at  Bijbehara at maternal house since I was spoon feeded with the  luxuries of life from a family who hardly had tasted it for themselves.

The family had lineage with the great grand saint Hazrat Gaffar sahib,my great grand grand father. 

Folklore had it printed and as a matter of fact it has been proved beyond doubt that saint had invisible powers and people were getting benefit out of his blissful perosona.I had heard it from my grand mother that once a  faithful visited the saint for his solace from vagaries of life and in return saint directed his faithful to collect mud from the nearby rubble.

The faithful left with the rubble and while reaching home to open the pack of mud he was puzzled to see pack of gold instead. Surprised but found answers for which he had visited the saint.

Equally blessed was my grand father Peer Hamidullah Shah and mission of faith was transferred to Peer Gull Mohammad to carry the torch of light to illuminate the dark patches of people purely on the lines of holly book of sacred Quran.

So the last messiah of this dynasty had said goodbye to this finishing world but left a big void and a gap difficult to fill.

The blessed soul passed away on 24th Feb,2017 at SHMS hospital Srinagar and was laid to rest at his ancestral Gaffar,s grave yard Bagandar,Bijbehara near the personal and family mosque.

We have always heard that mosques are being built by the community but here it is other way round The renowned saint has built the mosque on his own near his ancestral house . Besides this there is another mosque in town near Goriwan Bijbehara named as Gaffar mosque.

May God bless the departed soul the eternal peace and place in heaven.Aameen.

HIGH DENSITY Plants,a success story.

It is really a revolutionary step to provide growers of Jammu and Kashmir with the plantation material with high density values on subsidised rates.

This year Department of Horticulture had procured high density Apple plantation from foreign shores to help growers to increase production.

The arthodoxed way of plantation have no reason to stand since in razor sharp competition the produce needs to be with good quality with good shelf life.

The old plantation of local bread which generally yields crop after more than 15 years has dented the economic conditions of growers and therefore are embedded under the impact of debts .

But new high density plantation on one side yields crop within 5 years and quality of crop is also as per international standards therefore giving booste to economic conditions of growers.

Another important aspect of the scheme is 50% subsidy on its costs and in this direction premier banking house Jammu and Kashmir bank has been looped in to provide subsidy component.