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Writing obituary is always  painful especially when you are writing it for the person who has always been on your side in all seasons of life.

My maternal uncle Peer Gull Mohammad Shah S/O Peer Hamidullah Shah of Bhagander,Bijbehara has been a  person with a difference.

He has always put everythingK to backburner but prioritised  the wellbeing and welfare of the children of his sister,my mother.

 I remember it very vividly that during my toddler days at maternal house I was getting a princely treatment in spite of their  poverty and  would skip his meal to feed me two meals.

The concern and conceptualized mood to see happiness on my face has always been his only aim in life .The nitty gritty of life whatever i had picked up during this period was solely because of his untiring hard labour.

The youth part of my life was mostly spent at  Bijbehara at maternal house since I was spoon feeded with the  luxuries of life from a family who hardly had tasted it for themselves.

The family had lineage with the great grand saint Hazrat Gaffar sahib,my great grand grand father. 

Folklore had it printed and as a matter of fact it has been proved beyond doubt that saint had invisible powers and people were getting benefit out of his blissful perosona.I had heard it from my grand mother that once a  faithful visited the saint for his solace from vagaries of life and in return saint directed his faithful to collect mud from the nearby rubble.

The faithful left with the rubble and while reaching home to open the pack of mud he was puzzled to see pack of gold instead. Surprised but found answers for which he had visited the saint.

Equally blessed was my grand father Peer Hamidullah Shah and mission of faith was transferred to Peer Gull Mohammad to carry the torch of light to illuminate the dark patches of people purely on the lines of holly book of sacred Quran.

So the last messiah of this dynasty had said goodbye to this finishing world but left a big void and a gap difficult to fill.

The blessed soul passed away on 24th Feb,2017 at SHMS hospital Srinagar and was laid to rest at his ancestral Gaffar,s grave yard Bagandar,Bijbehara near the personal and family mosque.

We have always heard that mosques are being built by the community but here it is other way round The renowned saint has built the mosque on his own near his ancestral house . Besides this there is another mosque in town near Goriwan Bijbehara named as Gaffar mosque.

May God bless the departed soul the eternal peace and place in heaven.Aameen.


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