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When we visit the bereaved families whose near and dear one,s pass away for the final  journey to the ultimate world,we on the other hand are reaffirming our faith that we have to be ready always for ultimate journey of life as well.

Yesterday when I was observing the mourning of my maternal uncle at Bijbehara,the gathering was spell bound when a guest deliberated upon the essence of life.

The guest was  scholarly person  with huge potential with the knowledge having  hold on the Islamic beliefs and thoughts.

The person is head of the department in central Asian studies Kashmir university and a  very close relative from maternal side Dr Ghulam Nabi Khaki.

The way of oration was so strong and message so clear that  there was pin drop silence with everybody having eyes and ears completely in unison listening what is being delivered.

The topic was varied in its context starting from the basic faith the Muslims need to harness so to achieve the actualization in the discipline of real faith.

He was very bold to say that we construct houses, enmass materialistic pursuits ,book our banks with the money to make safe sailing in this world but never try to travel a mile to store or to save for real world,the world after death. Everybody is talking about life after death but from inside we hardly have full faith in it.There is something amiss in our faith thereby making our belief shaky.

The Muslims have only and the only channel to safely travel the path of real life and that is the path shown by our beloved prophet Mohammad PBUH.If we can stick to this fact of  life we will always find our last journey as pleasurable as anything.


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