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It is often seen that during anybodies life time we generally see that relatives and other friend circles either wish you from a distance or use social media to communicate or take stock of happenings in your life.

Due to paucity of time and over engagements of  worldly affairs we generally hardly find time to deliver socially the commitments which otherwise we are supposed to do  but the movement anybody dear passes away we leave everything and  mourn for 4 days. Where from  we get time now to mourn.

During life time of departed soul we would hardly find time to take care or stock of welfare but the movement he/she passed away we religiously either keep our selves stationed at his house for 4 days or visit everyday up to Chaharum{4th CONGRESSIONAL PRAYERS}.

We need to revisit our faith and the faith which we try to portray before the day is called for good.

Let heavens blessings get showered on the departed soul.

Everybody visited which include neighbours friends colleagues scholars religious organisations and prayed for blessed soul.



  1. Very good impression of thoudgt

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  2. It is always good to leave imprints behind to remind people of your contdibutiibs


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