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Goodbye blackberry welcome Zenphone 3

When I first had my hands on Blackberry during the year 2005 i was  odd man out in Kashmir simply because blackberry service as such was not available in JAMMU and Kashmir state.

But having zing for using the Symbian type of platform I ventured into to at least feel the pad of it for at least calling purposes.

The model I used earlier was 7250 and once just put of curiosity I visit the local service provider to enquire about the blackberry service but I was conveyed in clear terms that service is not available in Kashmir.

Being a loyal customer I did not relented and kept the device as calling tool.

With the onset of time ultimately service was started in Jammu and Kashmir and I quickly switched to it and had a seemingly hasselfree  experience.

I switched to curve,then bold ,and lately passport but during this time the service has got the dent due to security issues of blackberry service.

They have  all together different type of service which could not be traced by the country from which it operates thus was labelled as security threat.

First its many important functions were stopped then its efficiency was curtailed since many important platforms were removed from its list of operations,rendering it a useless platform.

The nail in the coffin was applied by  stopping of facebook and what’s up from its platform and that was reason of my switching sides.

I had a knack for browsing and writing but this platform was now turning obsolete thus I was compelled to gear to other plateforms so ZenFone 3 was the alternative.

I therefore stopped using blackberry from 26 January 2017 to give wings to my imaginary pursuits to reach my satisfaction gear .

Thus goodbye was said to blackberry and ZenFone 3 was ringed in.

I had very old memories with blackberry when we used to be unique in trade with peculiar pins to get identified as belonging to blackberry family but the day pin was compromised by the cell company its fortunes started dewildeling . 

I still miss the blackberry world but changing of gears still give you highs in life with the tools to penetrate the curtains of skies to cloud your impressions.


High density plant vision



When I planned to have a visit to my dream city during the month of Nov 2016 I had not thought at that time  we will stay so long in the magic city.

When our tickets were booked on 11/11/2016 I  had not given  thought over as where we will stay but at  hind side of my mind it was obvious that we will stay at state guest house at foreshore road near Mantralia just 1 km away from world renowned drive,the Marine drive.

When we landed at Shantacruz I was relieved o know that two bedroom accommodation has been booked at Advent ,3 floor foreshore coop housing society Ltd ,12 _A Gen Jagannathran Bhosake math Mumbai 21.This is a j&k state guest house hardly stone’s throw from Marine drive.

Checked in at 9pm and after fresh up went to colaba  for dinner It was  so soothing that it reminded me the golden old days of year 1989 when i was posted for the first time  here at world trade centre cuffs parade.

Later reached back to guest house and cab charged Rd 22.,a minimum fare and location was  also very charmful.

So this way our tour got a good start which  ultimately concluded on 5/02/2017.

Enjoyed every movement of it since our centre location of residence put us at a advantageous point as all attractive places like gateway of India,Crawford market,Colaba,Priya darshani park pander road ,hanging garden,Haji Ali,Nehru planetarium were very close by.


to be concluded