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The holy month of Ramadhan shareef 2017 had set in and first day of fasting started today,the 28th of May.

This is one of the pillars on which our faith is seated and all Muslims are bound to follow to get blessed and therefore make the day of judgement a pleasurable experience.

The basic idea is not to refrain from eating anything from dusk to dawn but it has something more stored for the faithfulls and if they  really know the hidden importance of such sacred month,they will keep fasts for whole year.

Our faith hinges on 5 important God given directions which when completed gets our faith accomplished and fasting is one among them but this ritual has hidden agenda embedded under the basic cause of it.

When we fast, 1. we understand the fate of people who are hungry due to poverty,  2.by fasting we clean our soul thereby discipline our life, 3.we develop habit to prey all the five times, 4.we dressup our behaviour so discipline our activities, 5.we burn our worldly desires therefore world is rendered peacefull and last but not the least we get a chance to come further close to Him.

One who derives the pleasure faithfully gets his life blessed otherwise we will be only thirsty and hungry but will get nothing in return but exhaust our soil and body.

Let us prostrate AND SUBMIT to Him to get blessed though this blessed month.Aameen.


Reverse sweep,army fails the process.

The term reverse sweep is used by the army when it revisit the area combed earlier during day time just to ensure again there is no militant,insurgent or enemy force around the already sanitized area.

But it seems either the force is inefficient or are taxed which has failed them yesterday in Shopian siege when during their reverse sweep at 6Pm they were targeted by the enemy force which killed a local driver who was driving security in his private vehicle.

What a sanitization and what a sweep drive.