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Horticulture industry.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir needs to revamp its policies and put in place a horticulture policy so that industry gets teeth to face the challenges being thrown into the ring in the form of burgeoning imports.

The industry which is already impacted due to socioeconomic,geographic and political constraints needs a Midas touch so that it rebounds back.

High density plantations,development of dry ports and introduction of latest techniques in pre and post harvest phase can be a befitting alternative.

From last so many years substandard inputs have already played havoc in the industry and therefore system needs to be put in place so that spurious fertilizers and fungicides are stopped before they make roads into the state.

Establishment of Horticulture university and development of dry ports in the state are right decisions at right time since two ventures can be catchy for horticulture and Handicraft industry since shipments will be having a free flow outside the state unto consumers markets of world.

The horticulture industry contribute 8%towards GDP of state and amounts to Rs 8000crore towards state,s economy. The state produces 70% of national production in Apples,92%in walnut and 91% in Almond

High density plantation by converting 50% of traditional plantation is going to increase production within 25years to worth 50_60 thousand crore .

The total horticulture production has tremendously increased to 24.50.Lakh metric tones with coverage of 3.38 lakh hectare area in 2017-18 from mere 30000MTs with coverage of 16hectares land in 1960.

As per the census conducted there are 7.63crore fruit plants in the state.


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  1. Oftentimes try to pen thoughts which can be relevant for the industry.


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