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The battle of Badr

The battle of Badr which was fought on the 17th of Ramadaan had a unique significance for the sacred cause,the faithfulls were unto.

In the morning of the 17th Ramadaan,the Prophet(SAW) called the believers to offer prayer and then made it clear upon them to fight in the way of Allah. As the sun rose over the desert,the Prophet(SAW) drew his little army of 313 against the big army of 1000 soldiers of Kufars and having an arrow in his hand,arranged the ranks.

On the other side,Quarish positioned their their forces in the opposite of the Muslim lines.
A few of them approached towards the wells of Badr to provoke the Believers but were all shot dead except one, Hakim bin Hizam,who latter became a devoted Muslim.

When the two armies approached each other,Muhammad(SAW) prayed to Allah for the victory of His mission and for the defeat of the enemies of Islam. The Abu Jahl,the iniquitous disbeliever also prayed for victory.
The Prophet(SAW) again invited heavenly intervention given known the strenght of enemies,so that army of Islam would be successful. Then He informed Abu Bakr (RA) that glade tidings are for you;Allah,s victory has approached,by Allah I can see Gabriel (AS) on his mare in the thick of a sandstorm. At the instance of Gabriel(RA) He(SAW) took a handful of gravel,cast it at the enemy and said;Confusion seizes their faces’ As He (SAW) flung the dust,a violent sandstorm blew like furnace blast into the eyes of the enemies.

The battle of Badr was destined to take place in the history of Islam but the results which it achieved has significant impacts on the entire Arab world. The faith and the hold of the Muslims got strengthened and their power was now established and the boastful pagans got the realization that it is not easy to stop the mission of Muhammad(SAW).The battle also established that Muhammad (SAW) is not the only messenger but also a leader,General Benefactor,Politician,Helper,Educator,Reformer who is going to change the way of life of the humanity.
The light spread after that and till date it is unstoppable

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The cold blooded Murder

The fake encounters must be dealt with an iron hand and supreme court of India has rightly said few days back that culprits need to be handed out death sentences without any second thought.

Given the history of this fragile State from the last more than 63 years and immediate threats from the resistant camps,the jammu and Kashmir is a challenging State in terms of security and maintaining law and order.

The complex politics of the State feeds into the sensitive environment,affording little room for the mistakes on the part of the security forces as the residents are already up against the rotten system of the state,getting periodical feedings from Government of India.

It is precisely for this reason that incidents such as the latest fake encounter case in Poonch need to be condemned in the hardest terms and guilty immediately brought to book,lest it may again give rise to hot summers on the roads,with youth tooled with stones to vent their anger.

The jawan of the territorial army and a special police officer stand accused of orchestrating the cold bloodied murder of a innocent civilian. The victim was mentally challenged and was claimed to be the foreign militant but he turned out a local Hindu.

The game plan was exposed when army claimed that a dreaded Lashkar-e-Taiba commander was killed and played the cards of getting promotions but on verification the hood winking the higher authorities in believing the deceitful tale,proved them costly.

This is not the first time that individual security personnel in Kashmir have been accused of extra judicial killings but in 2005 in Pathribal and last year in Maachil,unsuspecting youth were killed in fake encounters by security forces,seeking rewards and promotions.

Such cases along with along with the custodial deaths-like the recent death in custody of a businessman in Sopore- disturb the disturbed peace of a sensitive state like Jammu &Kashmir and it has all the elements present to flare up the tempo of public.

The misfortunes never visit Kashmiris alone but our leadership and political parties have failed them time and again and the dispute has remained on the furnace of burner without anybody to douse it off.

Let us pray during this month of Ramadan that the agonies and miseries the Kashmiris are in get solved and allow them to breath and breath peace and prosperity.

Do skies listen what has been this peace loving community unto during all these 63 years and when will taste the freedom of movement and freedom to movement.

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Hinaying the ‘Kashmir,issue,the Hina way.

Now since Pakistan has tried to give new lease of life to the Kashmir issue by way of appointing a young and dynamic leader as Foreign minister,a ray of hope has started igniting in the political circles.

When Hina Khar landed in Delhi she was received with full honor not because she was carrying branded bags and designer goggles but because of the fact she displayed maturity inspite of tender age.

The quality of the leader should be to use language diplomatically and leave no room for confrontation as has been the case with the previous foreign ministers(including Mr. Mehmood) and before talks could start they have already created confusion in the minds of the people they have to meet.

Last time just in a mutual press conference the Mr. Shah Mehmood,foreign minister of Pakistan started giving controversial statement and therefore defeating the very purpose of his visit. But this time the atmosphere was cordial and in the same breath Ms Hina had fogged all the headlines of all the leading news papers of India with the Poise she carried herself.

Ms. Hina had two advantages on her side,one she was very innocent and another she used the language of peace,moderation and above all the patience to hear all the parties.

It was a good gesture that she met the resistant leadership of Kashmir including the Sayeed Shah Geelani,the voice of Kashmir and heard their view point but again she managed the cool tempers from Govt Of India.

Now we have to see whether anything translated on the ground in the form of any solution for the vexed issue of Kashmir. Let us keep our fingers crossed n watch.

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let the World get it digested that through conflict we are only bruising of souls and nothing can be achieved.The reconciliatiom and moderation is the only plateform to get our goals. Let the whole world get united and allow peace a chance.

The world is nearing a conflicting zone,the parameters need to be drawn so that the peace and prosperity is supplied with sufficient oxygen to let it live and let others also taste the soup of life.
I look far ward to the day when peace will rule us.

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