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Value addition of walnut,

There are many ways to improve the sagging walnut industry of Kashmir being compromised under the burgeoning imports from California,Chile,China and other country.

The state government is sleeping on the issues and walnut growers have been left high and dry.

1.potential areas for value addition.
The walnut players can directly reach out to industry players and supply stock directly for value addition and removing middlemen who are eating growers share.
2.Relation between production and price.
we have no such provision available since imports are in action and in case we have less production it will hardly fetch high rates.On the other side if production is high the equation will not change vis-a-vis returns.
In nutshell we can not draw a graph on pricing on the bases of production and tag it with high rates or low rates. From last 2 years the returns have not been favourable neither under huge production nor in less production. Imports play a part in our returns since they are available in bulk and at lesser price lesser than our cost price.
3.scope for establishing direct market linkage between producer and buyer.
There is lot of scope for such channels since growers get peanuts and lions share is pocketed my traders /commission.
4.improving process capacity relationship of operators.
If all the operators share the profits in such a way so that all the players get equal share lot of issues can get solved.A grower needs assurances that he will get share on the bases of present market not otherwise.
Growers are paid on the bases of bargaining not on market trends which results in stress sale.
5.Finance Finance is not a issue in walnut industry of Kashmir since growers are financially sound.
Hope this little brief will help growers to draw the real picture.
KHAN Mukhtar

Absurdity and nothingness are only imaginations.

Absurdity,nothingness and hopefulness are the creations of our own imagination just to remain relevant and connected with our present set of things.

If we have nothing to do,nothing to wait for and nothing to think for ,our absurdity can on the contrary lead us to a saturation with no returns.

I don’t subscribe to the thought of ,#Becket who coined the imagination that #Godot will come with magic wand and shore us to banks of our life.

Nothing of sort is going to happen unless we don’t kill the fear residing in our soul and body which is the main reason that brackets us to think in terms of nothingness.

We as individuals have to raise our mentality beyond a point of our capacity and believe in our presence,the skies will shower us with tools to fight the inhibitions which generally get birth due to your own imaginations or surrounding conditions which create such thoughts.

He is the only power who can send us the stick to fight nothingness and absurdity in our life.

We have a belief that our life is full of deeds and actions which we are ought to attend to before we call it a day.

We can never subscribe to the idea of nothingness since on one side we will turn into a sinner and at the same time we will be challenging our creator who had laid this world for us to earn a place in abode of peace after death.

Life is a battling ground we have to fight everything including nothingness in case it exists to make our life a preparing ground for ultimate world,life after death.

It is a fact and we as Muslims have firm Faith in it since this is a temporary world everybody has to go who get birth.

Thus thinking in terms of nothingness and absurdity will take us away from basic essence of our life.

Better stay away from the mob who are waiting for Godot.

Golden old days,the Mumbai way.

I too have vividly clear memories of Mumbai when i touched and reached city for a long duration from 1989-1998 just to cool my heals since heat back home was charging.

I stayed at Vashi,later named at Navi-Mumbai on harbour line.During my stay the city got renamed from Bombay to MUMBAI. I have experienced the true colors of city by virtue of traveling by local trains and buses for long distances.

Vashi was a remote area then and we do not have direct rail connectivity.we had to reach Manchurd,a place near chembure and get bus unto vashi.

Pune would those days need at least 4 hours from vashi but now it is less than 2 hours from vashi through 4 lanning.

Another area i stayed at was Mira Road on central line and those days this place was also not well developed.Then i shifted to Andheri but the peace and fresh air at precious two places was always missed.

Anyways i found city very cool and its people very cultured just opposite what we have been feeded all these years.

The crux of the topic is that even if you move away from your roots,the cultural texture of our belongingness attracts you back to roots even if you have more luxuries at alien city.

The touchy part of new city was that you had the luxury to move around without anybody frisking you,you can cool your heals inside your homes without anybody crackdown on you and evacuating you at odd hours,you have even liberty to breath free which used to be a luxury then and even now it is rarely available to any soul still sticking to his roots.

To be concluded.

Climate changes,scares Horticulture sector.

There is no change in the apple spray schedule, owing to prevalent hot and dry weather conditions in the Kashmir valley.

The scheduled fungicides advised at pink bud stage like dodine@60 gms per 100 lt water or companion/sathi @250 gms per 100 lt water etc are same.

However there is an advisory for apple growers from SKUAST K to go for spray of boric acid @100 gms per 100 Lt water at pink bud stage if drought conditions prevail, as due to stress conditions uptake of boron will be less which will hamper pollination.

Rest rumours need not to be given heed ,dont pay any attention to them.

Consult horticulture Development department like CHO or HDO of your respective districts for further guidance.

U n Mukh01782100386 Mukhtar@12345 (M capital)aadhar 702630469013

Politics of deceit,the way to mislead youth

I am surprised as where was the conscience of political leaders when they appointed simple clerks on high posts without bothering to care for qualified and unemployed youth.
Their henchmen are now full throttle on roads and posing as well wishers of youth,trumpeting everything as if their masters have been residents of accountability regime
The youth wing of opposition party of #NC are living in fools paradise and want to create chaos among the youth by virtue of boarding the bus which has no driver to drive nor versed well to drive the bus but they simply want to keep the vehicle halted on road and traffic jam the healthy movement of life.
If we count the wrongs done by their masters during their rule,they will shame away,(if they have any humanity) since Kashmir was ruled by them off and on .
Just to vent the tip of the iceberg it would suffice to unmask them by collecting the favouritism they boosted all the time whenever they were in ruling chair.
One clerk with senior leader Mr.M.S.Urri was appointed on district level officer and kept at Secretariat for 6 years and later parent department was informed.He however retired as Joint Director (My. BANDAY)
Where was their conscience when again a personal assistant of one more minister was posted as Asst Director Handloom and before completion of term inducted him into #KAS ,he is currently senior #IAS officer and holding high office ,why did not youth came to their mind then.
One gets puzzled as how duel policy is being preached to score political points by raising and raking issues which have no feet to stand on.
If they were so concerned with the welfare of youth how without any merit one #Ayurvedic junior level doctor was appointed as director #ISM.when the doctor started flexing his muscles because of being raw,he committed mistakes and was suspended.In the meanwhile he was reinstated and again posted as #Director General ISM during 2014. Again the officer showed colors and in recruitment fraud of #Pharmacists and #Purchase of medicine #vigilance case was filed against him and govt ordered his attachments with #Secretariat.But the height of corruption did not stop here,he was again reinstated and this time also given reward by promoting him as Secretary to govt medical education (Technical).Besides this he was again given charge of #Director General ISM.He is currently holding the chair in #ISM.If this is not corruption then how can you afford to raise voice against any appointments made through recruiting agencies with proper procedure.
There are many more fraudulent appointments the ,#NC regime is known for but counting them will tax us all but their one senior leader adjusted her husband in protocol department and later posted him as trade agent Mumbai during 1998.He was later posted as ,#RTO Srinagar and even given extensions after superannuation as #RTO. But still we can find people appointed during 1984 but since they lack political patronage thus are stagnant at one place on the contrary one who got posted as Asst Director handloom during 1987 is right now senior IAS officer and many more cases are there where meritorious service was never rewarded.
Now naming them may be too personal and may expose them all, who deprived youth their right for which same party is crying foul now.
They first need to get cleaned to get qualified to raise such issues
Now they are using #Journalists to boost their cause but in the process they are dragging qualified youth who got selected through transparent and on merit.
A few days back when i talked to #GK reporter #Mr.Muddasir Ali to convey my point as how meritorious youth are used in their reporting to score #TRP or readership he was blunt to say that since people have raised this issue on #Facebook so i am constructing story on such bases without verification of facts.
Now let me see whether #Mr Muddasir Ali will again make a news in his paper since i have given him sufficient proof as how actually backdoor appointments have been the habit of ,#NC.

Walnut industry of Kashmir.

Due to sudden surge in imports of walnuts from California and Chile into the country,the Walnut rich state of jammu and Kashmir is getting a dent in the revenue generation from such crop.

The 800 crore industry is in deep crises with prices falling drastically courtesy negligence from administration which allow huge imports to flood domestic markets without keeping any tab on import duties on such imports which are eating out the domestic market.

The height of affair is that in spit of our walnuts being organic in nature,the inorganic imports are given preference whilst rest of the world is looking for organic foods.

It is also a fact that color and size is only added attraction with imported walnuts,rest taste and organic nature of Kashmiri walnut have no match in the world.

Last year high quality of walnut from Kashmir was sold @Rs1200 to 1500 per kilo of walnut Kernels in many cities of the country but this year the situation has worsened and had impacted the traders to the hilt by virtue of nose diving of rates.

During this year the rates have plummeted to Rs 700 to Rs 800 per kilo of walnut Kernels in the same markets of previous year.

Traders also rued that GST @5% has also added burden on the stakeholders of walnut industry which needs to be exempted for the for such industry.

If govt is keen to uplift the sagging fresh and dry fruit industry steps need to be taken to arrest the pattern of imports of Horticulture produce from foreign countries so that even if we are following free trade regime,we must put riders on imports so that domestic traders,growers do not get affected.