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The battle of Badr

The battle of Badr which was fought on the 17th of Ramadaan had a unique significance for the sacred cause,the faithfulls were unto.

In the morning of the 17th Ramadaan,the Prophet(SAW) called the believers to offer prayer and then made it clear upon them to fight in the way of Allah. As the sun rose over the desert,the Prophet(SAW) drew his little army of 313 against the big army of 1000 soldiers of Kufars and having an arrow in his hand,arranged the ranks.

On the other side,Quarish positioned their their forces in the opposite of the Muslim lines.
A few of them approached towards the wells of Badr to provoke the Believers but were all shot dead except one, Hakim bin Hizam,who latter became a devoted Muslim.

When the two armies approached each other,Muhammad(SAW) prayed to Allah for the victory of His mission and for the defeat of the enemies of Islam. The Abu Jahl,the iniquitous disbeliever also prayed for victory.
The Prophet(SAW) again invited heavenly intervention given known the strenght of enemies,so that army of Islam would be successful. Then He informed Abu Bakr (RA) that glade tidings are for you;Allah,s victory has approached,by Allah I can see Gabriel (AS) on his mare in the thick of a sandstorm. At the instance of Gabriel(RA) He(SAW) took a handful of gravel,cast it at the enemy and said;Confusion seizes their faces’ As He (SAW) flung the dust,a violent sandstorm blew like furnace blast into the eyes of the enemies.

The battle of Badr was destined to take place in the history of Islam but the results which it achieved has significant impacts on the entire Arab world. The faith and the hold of the Muslims got strengthened and their power was now established and the boastful pagans got the realization that it is not easy to stop the mission of Muhammad(SAW).The battle also established that Muhammad (SAW) is not the only messenger but also a leader,General Benefactor,Politician,Helper,Educator,Reformer who is going to change the way of life of the humanity.
The light spread after that and till date it is unstoppable

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